GigRev -Music Revolution

GigRev offers music sites the tools to generate revenue from everything from music videos through to merch sales a simple way to manage your current ticket agent sales without upsetting your promoter. With simple integration within your site and our free iPhone and Andriod apps, GigRev works in the background automatically changing ticket agent links to allow fans access to the best allocations and makes sure that if a ticket is available the fan will find it as well as providing a video player to embed in your site without those annoying ads you see on other big video sites, and we also pay you for the privilege. Everything we do is free for you, and your fans. How do we do it? contact us for more information.


Give your fans the best possible chance to get tickets for your gigs

Ticket agents often have different allocations of tickets and Gigrev believes it's our job to make it as easy as possible for your fans to get the best choice. We have partnered with all of the leading ticket agents throughout the UK, Europe and US to give your fans the best choice of tickets and to be sure that if there's a ticket still available, the fan will find it. Through the use of our website plugin and mobile apps you can use our knowledge to bring this to your fans during the pre-sale and onsale of your gigs.

Our website plugin automatically changes links to show choice. Hover over this link to see it in action: Buy your tickets here


Notify your fans first

Log in to our control panel, post to your fan wall and choice if you want to notify your fans of;

  • New Events
  • Exclusive videos
  • Fan news
  • Special pre-sale ticket links